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Laptop Repairs

We have a highly skilled team who are constantly researching and developing ideas and techniques to keep up to date with constant changes/updates in their specialized field.

Laptop Blue Screen Error

The ‘Blue Screen of Death’ usually means the end of your PC. Not any more. We can run tests on your Operating System, drivers and background configurations to locate the error and correct it for you.There is often a number of underlying problems resulting in a Blue Screen Error and we will either correct the problem or re-install the affected software.We will always attempt to back up your hard drive and protect your valuable files before getting to work on your PC.

We will always contact you in the event of any major corrections like reinstalling the Operating System or damaged applications but be assured that we will make every effort to repair your PC.

Laptop BlueScreen Error

Laptop Virus Removal

  • Is your laptop suddenly starting to run slow and freeze when in an application ?
  • Is your computer running slower than normal ?
  • Is your computer not responding or freezing often ?
  • Is you computer crashing and restarting every few minutes ?
  • Is your computer restarting on its own and then fails to run normally ?
  • Are applications on your computer not working correctly ?
  • Are programs disappearing from your desktop even though you did not uninstall them ?
  • Are there pop-up’s or error messages appearing ?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then more than likely you are infected with a virus spyware or malware program.

It is important in today’s environment to ensure you laptop /pc is clean and protected as a result will help it run at its capacity whilst ensuring the safety of your data.

Our Virus Removal Process:

  1.  We place your hard Disk Drive into our customised servers and scan it with up to 8 of the latest Virus Spyware and Malware detection programs.
  2.  Once infected files are located we isolate and repair them, if Operating System files are too damaged we replace them with clean ones.
  3.  We then manually trawl through the registry of your pc to ensure all infections are removed from your pc we then update your software.
  4. Upon completion of process one of our technician’s will inform you and advise on possible precautions to take to help prevent further attacks.

Note:  As default Kaspersky Internet Security 30 day trial is installed on all virus infected pc’s unless otherwise instructed.

LCD Screen Replacement

The screen is probably the most important part of your laptop. Your laptop goes everywhere with you and it is just a matter of time before something happens. There is nothing worse than a chipped or cracked LCD screen on laptop but it is so easy to do. You tripped. It fell. The kids hit it with the football.

  • Don’t worry.
  • You don’t need to buy another laptop.
  • We can replace your screen saving you a whole load of money.

Laptop Power Jack Repair

Is your Power Connector wobbly, loose or not working at all?

You don’t need to replace your motherboard. We can fix that Power Jack for you.

At PC Wizard we can repair or replace your Power Jack connector and get your Laptop running properly.We can even reinforce the Power Jack so you should not have the same problem again.

Just drop your laptop into us and we will assess your machine and give you a quote.

Laptop Tuner

Do you feel that your laptop is progressly getting slower and takes longer than normal to start up?If so then you need to avail of our Laptop Tuner service in order for your laptop to perform more efficiently.

We at Pc Wizard have fine tuned our procedures over the past 11 years by using the most up to date software and technology tools available in assiting us in the trouble shooting and optimisation of your existing laptop.

Our Pc Wizard Technicians will perform the following procedure:

Our Process:

  • Improves laptop speed
  • Frees up memory and hard drive space
  • Fine tune your computer and Windows settings.

Laptop Performance Optimisation:

We will configure your laptop for optimum performance by removing unnecessary applications and processes that are slowing down your laptop start-up and draining memory resources.

Analysis, Review security settings:

We analyse your existing antivirus, antispyware and firewall settings, and improve where necessary.

Software Review:

Our Pc Wizard experienced technicians scan,locate and remove software which has not been installed by yourself, and is slowing down your laptop.

System Defragmentation:

Overtime computer files on your hard drive can become sluttered,resulting in the increased read & write times period therefore deteriorating laptop performance, by defragging these files it help to re-organise these files preventing slutter.

Security Optimisation:

We will configure the security settings on your laptop to ensure that your windows operating system is
up to date with current security patches.

Windows Updates:

We scan,check and install the latest updates for your operating system.

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